Enhance your revenue potential with accurate cargo capacity data.

We offer a robust cargo sensor platform with the capacity data you need.

Wasted space means lost revenue. No longer do you have to rely on the old, traditional ultrasonic-based cargo sensors that fail to provide accurate capacity and utilization information.

With a cargo monitoring system from Sensata | Xirgo, you can accurately track and manage the size of your trailer or container loads and maximize your revenue potential.

The Xirgovision cargo monitoring system is a sensor-fusion platform that uses stereo vision sensors and a time-of-flight ultrasonic sensor to provide enhanced cargo sensing capabilities and accurate cargo data under any lighting condition.

To boost the cargo tracking system’s flexibility, we’ve included dual CAN bus and one-wire bus, so the solution easily integrates with other sensors and systems on trailers and containers. Pair an optional Bluetooth® door sensor with the cargo tracking system to trigger data capture when a door open or close event occurs; the system works with any roll-up or swing-style door.

For quick, qualitative reviews, the Xirgovision solution also supports full-resolution images, or low-data-cost thumbnail images, that are available for upload via the cellular connection.

For the accuracy and data you need to make effective decisions, choose the Xirgovision cargo monitoring solution from Sensata | Xirgo.

Edge-based cargo capacity measurements minimize cellular data consumption

Remotely monitor trailer fullness with ability to receive pictures of contents in any lighting condition

Fully configurable, event-based reporting

Integrates with wired or wireless sensors, including Sensata’s TPMS, to gain additional data insights