Multinational delivery services company depends on Xirgo to upgrade and manage their trailer tracking solution

“Our old tracking system was expensive and becoming obsolete. Implementing Xirgo’s solution has enabled us to improve our operational efficiencies, custodial control and overall customer service.” 

Senior Operations Manager

Customer Challenge

This customer was looking to maximize asset utilization and wanted a more modern trailer tracking solution that delivered increased value at a lower cost. They wanted a solution that would allow them to know near real-time where their trailers are and how to maximize their utilization.

Xirgo Solution

By delivering innovative technologies the Xirgo team designed, developed and delivered a solution with the following critical benefits to the customer:

  • Improved Device Management – lower cost to produce and install the device
  • Leverage innovative technologies – Energy Harvesting and Advanced Adaptive Power Management allowing device to operate without being connected to a tractor or external power source
  • Longer service life – align the device lifecycle with the asset being tracked
  • Additional features and functionality –motion detection to capture start and stop events

Customer Results

With access to expanded data and vastly improved analytical capabilities the customer realized dramatic improvement in asset utilization and operational efficiencies.

Product used: XT4900

Large global fleet management service provider trusts Xirgo to drive down cost with single source solution

“Xirgo solutions and devices are an integral part of our offering to fleet customers worldwide. They have enabled our fleet management customers to maximize ROI by reducing operating costs.”

Global Fleet Management Service Provider

Customer Challenge:

Increased costs, reliability and complexity were key pain points for a very large global fleet management service provider. With too many products to support they wanted to standardize with a single vendor and as few products as possible to simplify their solution and improve service and reliability.

Xirgo Solution:

Our flexibility and ability to jointly develop and deploy a simplified solution for a large commercial and small vehicle fleet allowed our customer to reduce the number of products they have to support and improved their customer service and reliability.

Customer Results

Reliability and customer satisfaction improved dramatically with fewer products to support, one partner to work with and the flexibility to make changes without needing to add new products.

Product used: XT6300

Global Automotive firm relies on Xirgo fleet management/vehicle telematics solutions to provide more control for their customers.

“The Xirgo comprehensive fleet management solution and the proprietary data captured by the Xirgo OBD device has allowed our customers to lower their cost of ownership, reduce insurance premiums and improve fuel consumption.”

Global Automotive Manufacturer

Customer Challenge

This customer was looking for a single company that could provide the hardware and solutions that would meet their exact requirements for customers in a wide variety of industries including state and local governments. They also needed a company with deep experience working with OBDII protocols.

Xirgo Solution

Xirgo had the flexibility and solutions to adapt as needed and our extensive experience with OBDII protocols enabled us to meet all of their needs. The solution was feature rich, expandable and cost effective resulting in:

  • Lowering cost of ownership
  • Improving driver behavior
  • Reducing fuel usage which helps the environment
  • Helping with predictive maintenance.

Customer Results

Better visibility, control and management provided by the Xirgo solution allows their customers to have a more efficient, safer and energy efficient fleet operation.

Product used: XT2400