Drive operational efficiency and increase revenue with modular, scalable, actionable IoT solutions.

We deliver actionable IoT insights with impact

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), data insights, and the cloud. But what does that mean for your business, and why should you choose to partner with Sensata | Xirgo?

We are well-known for our high-quality sensors and telematics devices. But more importantly, we know how to make the most of the data that we provide from those sensors and devices—data that can help you run your business more efficiently and make decisions that have big impact.

Our full-stack portfolio is extensive and flexible—we have everything you need to meet your unique business needs, all from one partner, with in-house designs, joint development, and white-label offerings. The Sensata | Xirgo open ecosystem offers on-board vehicle integration and cloud APIs, giving you the ability to have a single view from disparate data sources. Because we offer a multi-channel approach to a variety of markets and end-users, we can customize your solution based on your individual business needs and goals.

We want to build a smarter, more connected, and safer world. If you’re ready to make big impacts with your business data, and make data-based decisions that take your business to the next level, the Sensata | Xirgo platform and solutions are your top choice.

Manage, configure, provision, and control devices remotely with over-the-air updates

Data parsing, archiving, and normalization across devices in the portfolio to streamline integration

APIs integrate with a variety of platforms

Sensata | Xirgo Platform & Solution