XT5273A Series

Initiate Service Action in Real-Time with XT5273A

The XT5273A is a IoT Button backed Amazon Web Services (AWS) via IoT Core, providing instant notification via LTE-M network for indoor & outdoor applications. The device is an unobtrusive, ultrasonically welded, weatherproof design for consumer and industrial use-cases. The integrated tri-color LED provides feedback to users for button press status. The device supports single, double, and long-press types. The business logic for each type of button press is configured in AWS IoT Core. The XT5273A pre-loaded with a customer-specified IoT SIM card and configuration, for a true “out of the box” experience. This device enables a wide range of applications such as:

  • Consumer fulfillment: Users press the tactile button for receipt of product or hold the button (long-press) when a refill/ reorder is needed.
  • Industrial services: Provides asset visibility for delivery status and usage with one press. Customized press-type logic determines when asset replacement or service is needed.

Additional use-cases: prescription & medical supply fulfillment, household & office supply reordering, rental equipment usage, waste management services, logistics engagements

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