XT6300 Series

XT6300 Series for Passenger & Commercial/Heavy Duty Fleets

The XT6300 Series are vehicle tracking solutions with optional OBDII and JBUS protocols to support a wide range of vehicles including passenger, light to heavy-duty trucks, and commercial equipment. The device contained geofences that provide fleet managers with greater control and monitoring with instant notifications. The XT6300 Series are full-featured devices based on a platform that allows rapid customization by market and application requirements. The modular design allows for Garmin FMI, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1-wire Bus. The optional Bluetooth allows the device to be used with ELD applications. The two 1-Wire Bus interfaces allow for Driver ID or Serial Temperature Sensing. Designed with embedded cellular, GPS, and optional Bluetooth® antennas, the XT6300 Series reduces the need for additional external accessories. Highly configurable firmware allows full control of device reporting behavior. Customizable data packets provide only the data required to support unique and evolving business needs.

  • Available with LTE Cat1 (North America)

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