The ultimate solutions for monitoring driver behavior, vehicle location, and diagnostic information.

We provide the most comprehensive and versatile solutions across all vehicle classes.

No matter the size of your eet, it is a challenge to make effective business decisions which require high-quality, reliable information from your vehicles.

The Sensata | Xirgo vehicle telematics solutions offer modular, exible options that support OBDII parameter IDs (PIDS) for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger, light- to heavy-duty trucks,
and commercial equipment, with more vehicles added every year.
Our platform allows rapid customization by market and application requirements, while our highly-congurable rmware allows full control of device reporting behavior.

Our full-featured devices include:

  • Integrated GPS engine, accelerometer, cellular/GPS antennas, and OBDII interface.
  • Geofences for greater control and monitoring, with instant notications.
  • Modular design for Garmin FMI, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1-wire Bus.
  • A Bluetooth® option that works with ELD applications.
  • Two 1-wire Bus interfaces for driver ID or serial temperature sensing
  • Customizable data packets.

Get the vehicle data you need to support your unique and evolving business with a vehicle telematics solution from Sensata | Xirgo.

Monitor driver

Supports a wide range of vehicles including passenger, light to heavy-duty trucks, and commercial equipment

Integration with vehicle PIDs to provide additional insights

Support for additional digital and analog I/O for integration with other sensors or peripherals

Electric Vehicle

Battery Health

Average Battery Temperature

Battery Charge (%)

Active Charging State

Range Remaining

Emissions-Based Vehicle Coverage

Fuel Level

True Odometer


Seatbelt Status

Airbag Lamp


Parking Brake