The Intelligent Dash Camera

Video evidence to protect drivers, assets, reputations, and livelihoods

AI video, 4G LTE connection, and an advanced cloud system combine to provide unparalleled protection OBD-II vehicle data.


Built-in 4G LTE enables 24/7 live view and access to HD video history with zero latency the instant it’s needed.


AI surveillance learns and sends alerts in real time for break-ins, accidents, risky driving and more. It even works when the car is off.


Drivers, assets, reputations, and livelihoods are all protected with Xirgocam.

The complete Xirgocam solution

Xirgocam’s integrated OBD-II J1962 interface transmits vehicle speed, RPM, true odometer, fuel level, engine oil life remaining, tire pressure sensor, and seat belt status in real-time.

Instant video proof

before, during, and after a crash

Alerts with saved imaging

for risky and dangerous activity

See and hear the driver or road ahead remotely

to driver and passengers

View video history

and collect additional imaging on demand

Track Vehicle

location and record clips

Monitor Vehicle performance with OBD-II telematics transmitted in real-time

voice control for driver safety

Elliot_ Driver liability protection (FNOL)

Fritz_Vehicle Theft recovery

Patrick_Asset protection