Our Solutions

Xirgo provides application –
specific products to facilitate powerful industry solutions.

Our Products

Xirgo’s product line offers solutions to support a variety of wireless and IoT applications.

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Xirgo develops and manufactures innovative IoT solutions. Xirgo’s asset-monitoring products are proven in verticals throughout the world where customization and scalability are essential requirements for client success.

A low overhead model, high-volume manufacturing capabilities, and modular design philosophy provide customers a unique blend of high-quality, cost-effective products with rapid time-to-market.

Our solutions

Xirgo provides highly configurable, flexible
products delivering powerful solutions for your business.

Mobile Resource Management

Gain visibility to monitor moving assets, fleet vehicles, and small-medium size powered equipment.

Aftermarket Automotive

Obtain maintenance and diagnostic parameters with the company that created the nation’s most.

High Value Asset Management

Monitor and control remote assets exposed to the elements. Solar harvesting technology offers continuous, long-term reporting where input power is unavailable.

Commercial Vehicle &
Long Haul Trucking

Provides OEM and Aftermarket segments with a powerful tracking, asset monitoring, and Control Gateway via OBD/ JBUS connection.

Driver Behavior and Monitoring

Monitor driver behavior remotely to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, and reduce liability.

Consumer Solutions

Provide your customers with superior support including remote start, remote lock/unlock, teen driver safety.