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XG3700 Series

The XG3700 is a fleet telematics device with a full range of CAN-BUS data, SDK features

Xirgo OTAC Tracker

The Xirgo OTAC Tracker is an asset tracking solution that allows mass charging of multiple IoT asset trackers, without the need for wires, cables, or charging pads.

Xirgocam XT88

AI video, 4G LTE connection, and an advanced cloud system combine to provide unparalleled protection OBD-II vehicle data.


Xirgo’s XT1040S6 is a wireless door sensor which monitors the state of the trailer door and communicates

XT1500 Series

The XT1500 is a low-cost Bluetooth® beacon for effective package tracking of en route or in-facility assets.

XT2100 Series

XT2100 Series for Powered Asset Locationing & Control

XT2180 Series

XT2180 is a cost-effective solution for monitoring vital location data for remote assets.

XT2400 Series

XT2400 Series for OBDii “Plug & Play” Passenger/ Light Duty Vehicles