The intelligent dashcam solution that protects drivers, assets, reputations, and livelihoods.

We provide high-definition video and vehicle telematics for improved safety, vehicle monitoring, and efficient operations

It can be crazy out on the roads…no one knows this better than your drivers. Keeping your drivers safe and your assets protected is a top priority for your business.

With the Xirgocam intelligent dash camera, you have access to instant, high-definition video proof of what happened before, during, and after an accident. When you need to check in on a trip in progress, you can remotely see and hear in real time the driver, passengers, and the road.

The Xirgocam intelligent dash camera gives you the ability to:

  • View video history and collect additional imaging on demand.
  • Review saved alerts for harsh driving, crashes, or break-ins.
  • Monitor trips with GPS/GNSS location and travel information.
  • Monitor telematics data, including status, speed, and maintenance information.

Xirgocam helps to reduce your liability, by providing video evidence of any accidents or break-ins. Whether your vehicles are on the road or in the yard, the Xirgocam is the video safeguard you need.

Dual-facing HD

AI-based ADAS and DMS enable real-time driver alerts

Ability to provide
vehicle telematics

Monitor trips with GPS/GNSS location

Live View Feature

Robust API’s simplify integration with any fleet management platform


  • Beam mount – Fast, easy installation
  • Steep windshield mount – Securely attaches to vehicle glass
  • Secure mount – Adhesive or bolts anchor to vehicle