Customizable monitoring, tracking, and control solutions for your high-value assets.

We provide devices for all your assets in the field, no matter the location, and centralize data collection.

When you choose Asset Monitoring and Control solutions from
Sensata | Xirgo, you can manage your assets easily and remotely,
giving you the insight and tracking capabilities that you need to make
effective decisions. We simplify the task of monitoring high-value
assets anywhere in the world, keeping you up-to-date on current
location and status.

Our devices are designed to withstand demanding environments and
can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Pallet and warehouse tracking
  • Healthcare device tracking
  • Trailers and long-distance hauling
  • Containers: dry and reefer (temperature monitoring)
  • Construction equipment
  • Supply chain and logistics

When assets are deployed in the field for extended periods of time without external power sources, our solar harvesting technology offers continuous, long-term reporting. The optional Bluetooth® and serial interfaces support integration with Sensata | Xirgo Bluetooth® beacons and sensors, as well as many other 3rd party devices, giving you maximum flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Regardless of where your assets are deployed, the Asset Monitoring
and Control solutions from Sensata | Xirgo provide personnel with the
asset location data they need to make real-time decisions, keeping
your business running with maximum efficiency at the lowest possible

Support for a wide variety of tracking applications

Solar energy
harvesting options

IP-rated enclosures for
extreme environments

Bluetooth® and serial
communication options

Wireless recharging